Social Media Marketing For Lawyers

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If you are a Lawyer, you can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to grow your business. By being active on social media and maintaining an internet presence, you can acquire new leads and Clients for your business.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use three popular social networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn professionally - and how to use it to attract new Clients for your law business. We’ll also talk about creating your Google My Business listing as well.


Facebook isn’t just for restaurants and clothing companies. A lot of professional businesses in the insurance, real estate and medical sector use it as well to get new Clients. As such, Lawyers and law firms can use it for their benefit too.

It’s no secret Facebook has the biggest audience of all social networks. Its users follow all kinds of people and businesses, engage with their content and buy their services.

You, as a Lawyer, can do the same as well.

So for example, suppose you as a Lawyer specialize in immigration policy in your country. You can put out detailed posts and videos that teach your target audience i.e. immigrants your country’s immigration law, their rights, what legal precaution they should take and other useful information.

Once people start getting value from your content, they’ll share it with their friends and followers. Soon, people who have immigration problems will contact you on Facebook because of your content.

This is the easiest and cheapest way you can score new Clients for your law firm.

Another thing you can do is use Facebook’s ad platform. You can use it to target people in your locality and advertise them with your legal services. The best part about advertising on Facebook is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

The third thing you can do is build out your Facebook profile with your law firm address, phone number and location. This will make it easy for your potential customers to find you in case they need your services.


Twitter is another extremely engaging social media platform you should participate in. Here, you can write short sentences regarding your industry to become an industry influencer.

For example, you can share legal cases happening in your city, give legal tips to your audience and connect with other Lawyers.

But the main reason why you should create a professional twitter account because it is the most effective way to become approachable to your audience and customers. You can directly engage with your followers. They can ask you questions and you can answer them directly on the platform.

This sort of allows you to create your own ‘cult’, to show-off your expertise and to help people. And ultimately, this leads to new fans who eventually turn into new Clients.

To get started, you need to write a short, simple bio describing who you are and what kind of legal services you provide. To make sure your potential customers can contact you, you can also add your work email address and if you have one, your website.

Finally, one last tip for you is that you can use your Twitter account to link back to your Facebook posts and vice versa. That way, you can re-use the content on your Facebook page, and increase your followers on both social networks.


If you want to ‘catch’ the big Clients, LinkedIn is an ideal place to do so. Here, you can create your professional profile, add your experience as a Lawyer, get endorsed by your colleagues and put out thoughtful content.

And this is an extremely good platform where you can literally connect with your ideal Clients.

So, suppose you are a real estate Lawyer operating in Johannesburg, South Africa. You can go to LinkedIn search, search for realtors in your city and connect with them by sending them a message. Keep repeating this process and you will eventually see that someone will connect with you.

And since LinkedIn is a strictly professional network where individuals talk ‘business’, you can be sure the people who connect with you will do so because they need your services now or in the near future. And this way, you can acquire lucrative ‘big’ Clients you never would have otherwise.

Another thing which you can do on LinkedIn is to create thoughtful articles which educate your target audience. You can also join Lawyer specific groups as well and connect with people in your industry.

All this might lead to new insights about the market your operating and access to new Clients. And for this reason, we recommend Lawyers join the LinkedIn platform as soon as possible if you’re serious about taking your law firm online.

Google My Business

With a good social media presence, you will attract a lot of new followers. And before they decide to contact you, they might choose to do one final search for your law firm on Google.

For this reason, it’s important you claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing and fill in information about your law firm on it. Here’s what a GMB listing looks like:

After searching for a law firm, you can see Google displays all the information about in a left column. You see pictures of Lawyers, the location of the law firm, reviews left by Clients, the phone number and other options.

With a GMB listing, potential Clients can get all the info they need about you as an Attorney and your law firm. And by knowing who you are, they will feel more confident in contacting your for legal services. Plus, they can find you easily since your location is searchable on Google Maps.

And you can connect your website and social media profiles to offer more details about your business.

But the main purpose of a GMB listing is so you can command a prominent presence on the front page of Google and become searchable on Google Maps. And with this, you can definitely expect new Clients to come faster to you.

Final Thoughts

Today, more people than ever are using search engines and social media platforms to find answers to their problems. That’s why you can’t afford not being available in these new areas. These platforms serve as extremely effective lead generation channels for acquiring new Clients cheaply and quickly. So, get online and give these platforms a try. We hope you get successful in acquiring new Clients just like other law firms and Attorneys out there.


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